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Europe's Underground Art Scene Featured


Often referred as ‘urbanism’, underground art has created increasing traction since the rise of social media. Much like many modern day movements that boom, the anti-movement is always greater, what urban art used to be has become a cultural voice for young artists. Here is where you can discover the pinnacle of Europe’s underground art scene.

by 08 January 2018


As an up and coming city of creativity, Lisbon has been supporting urban art in recent years. Within its metro network you’ll find an array of colourful tile work, sketches of Portuguese poets, geometric shapes and doodles from some of Lisbon’s most creative street artists. Manifested in the streets of this Mediterranean city, with it’s music, style, food and architecture scene at an all time peak, Lisbon has become the new city of ‘cool’.



Often described as having a sense of personal freedom and rebellion, Berlin’s art scene is very much influenced by the city’s history mixed with the next generation of colour.  The city isn’t connected to big artists but there are new urban art spaces popping up regularly. Located in a five-storey building, is Kunsthaus Tacheles, a structure that was damaged during World War II and today is full of edgy galleries, modern installation spaces, screening rooms cafes and bars. To locals this is known as the largest underground centre in Berlin that attracts many passers by. 

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Located in small area of the city, commonly known as Warehouse 9 in Copenhagen’s meat packing district the gallery space focuses on contemporary, music and poetry. Unlike more modest European destination, this city’s art scene has an aim to challenge boundaries, with a hope for expression and perspective with an edge that isn’t seen overground. 

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While graffiti is illegal in Spain this doesn’t stop an art’s scene cropping up across it’s capital. Sprawled across deserted walls are what creatives see as more than vandalism but rather artists talking to the nation. Mostly found in the city’s Malasana neighbourhood you’ll find colourful cultural references by REMED, dainty geometric shapes created by Nuria Mora in the tourist hotspots.


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England’s Banksy is London’s answer to the start of it’s urban art scene. Aside from strolling through Hyde Park, Westminster or Buckingham Palace create a little space in your agenda to see some of the city’s street art. In particular, London’s West has created a storm recently with it’s Graffik gallery; once a temporary space for Banksy and Mr. Brainwash to showcase their work this space offers workshops for aspiring artists while holding a permanent gallery for the community. 


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