You are beauty


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16 June 2010

At 5 p.m. on Wednesday 16 June, at Tempio di Adriano in Rome, an exhibition and debate looks at the theme of beauty, with the objective of questioning the accepted canon in which slimness is mandatory for beauty. The photographs by Gerald Bruneau (previously Andy Warhol's assistant) are accompanied by images from the 2010 calendar "Curve d'autore," portraits of artists and personalities who refuse to comply with stereotypes regharding beauty, and by a pictorial performance utilizing beautiful but "imperfect" bodies. A debate will begin at 5 p.m., and later, there will be music until late in the evening. Personalities who have pledged their moral support comprise Michela Andreozzi, Luca Barbareschi, Elena Barolo, Paolo Belli, Enrico Benaglia, Aldo Bergamaschi, Raoul Bova, BZarro, Piermaria Cecchini, Paolo Conticini, Paolo Crepet, Paolo Cugno, Tosca d'Aquino, Federica Gentile, Monica Guerritore, Gian Pietro Innocenzi, Gabriele Lavia, Valeria Mangano, Andrea Manni, il Maestro Alfio Mongelli, Anna Moroni, Maria Rita Parsi, Patty Pravo, Chiara Sani, Stefano Sarcinelli, and Edoardo Sylos Labini.