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From Tokyo to London, discover some of the most interesting and beautiful museums in the world.

by 16 July 2017

Wellcome Collection, London, England

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If you catch yourself wondering about memory, love, miracles, medicine, identity, or other facets of the human condition, then Wellcome Collection, a museum that places curiosity at the centre of every exhibit, is an unmissable experience. Take a walk through galleries that mix contemporary art with scientific understandings to create an experience that reframes conceptions of the mind and body. Marvel at the meaning of life and death, the exquisiteness of everyday beauty, and the link between madness and modernity. With both permanent and travelling displays, the Wellcome Collection is a far cry from the horrors of unchanging, dusty rooms the word museum might inspire. An afternoon here is barely enough time to appreciate the beauty and history contained within this incredible menagerie of curiosities.

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Pinacoteca Brera, Milan, Italy

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Founded in 1809, the Pinacoteca Brera is housed in a beautiful palazzo building right in the heart of Milan's historic neighborhood. Interestingly, many of the paintings on show are religious in subject, due to an influx of artwork pouring into the museum from church confiscations from all over Lombardy during the dissolution era. The Pinacoteca is also famously home to Hayez's painting 'The Kiss'. People come from all over to admire this beautiful work and we suggest that you do, too. When you have tired yourselves out from all the museum walking, pop over to Bar Brera across the road and treat yourself to a well-earned aperitif.

Cup Noodles Museum, Tokyo, Japan

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Explore the story of Cup Noodles at the CUP NOODLES MUSEUM in a fully immersive experience that allows you to make (and eat) chicken ramem as well as design a cup of noodles of your own. If you are still hungry at the end of your tour, be sure to sample noodles from around the world at the Noodles Bazaar. Beloved by Japanese and international visitors alike, the CUP NOODLES MUSEUM is a great stop for the whole family.

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Monestir de Pedralbes, Barcelona

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The Museu-Monestir de Pedralbes complex is a part museum, part church, part monastery that will be sure to astound and amaze you. This calm and quiet space evokes an era of simplicity and worship. Check out where the nuns used to live, the dormitory, the refectory, the chapterhouse, and the abbey. Look up and take in the breathtaking murals found on the walls and ceilings of St. Michael’s chapel are worth the visit. This monastery is a gothic styled haven that retained all the 15th century authenticity from the expert preservation to the medicinal herb garden. Although seemingly impossible, try not to be inspired to take part in some internal reflection while visiting this hauntingly peaceful complex in beautiful Catalonia.

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Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany 

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For those interested in all artforms-from photography and drawing to video, sculpture, and the performing arts - Trisha Donnelly’s exhibition at Museum Ludwig is the perfect choice. Much of what will be displayed is unknown, adding a thrill factor to the experience. Donnelly is known for her contemporary art portfolio and extensive history of solo exhibitions, ensuring a satisfying experience no matter what the focal point might be. The exhibition began on April 24 and will conclude on July 30, so reserve tickets now.

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