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Yacht Club Costa Smeralda becomes an eco-warrior for Ocean Sustainability

by Ashleigh Searle 05 July 2017


Milan, Italy - The Costa Smeralda on Sardinia’s northern shores is something of a rarity in modern luxury circles: long beloved by Italians as a secluded summer getaway, it has garnered interest in recent years for its devotion to the sustainability and maintenance of its historic nautical culture. The most of recent of these being the collaboration between the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, with the SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab, which will culminate in the One Ocean Forum, on the 3rd and 4th of October, the Franco Parenti Theatre, in Milan.

The forum will focus on innovative projects for the preservation of the marine environment and the promotion of pragmatic actions aiming at ensuring its conservation from commercial and business level down to everyday behaviors.


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The program is designed to address issues of global importance related to problems affecting the marine and coastal ecosystem. Conceived with the goal of promoting a feeling of ‘environmental culture’, especially among young people, this independent NGO aims to become the driving force for local and international initiatives, engaging with stakeholders from every social background as well as developing into a platform that promotes best practice.

The Forum, supported by Princess Zahra Aga Khan’s sponsorship, relies on a Scientific Committee, whose members include personalities from the Italian and International academic world, coming from prestigious universities as well as primary scientific organisations which specialise in the study of issues related to the sustainability of the marine environment. The committee is chaired by Francesca Santoro who is also member of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission at the UNESCO.

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ONE OCEAN’s program was developed on 4 central themes, which represent the most urgent and important issues associated to the current status of the oceans:

Today present in huge quantities in all oceans and seas (thousands of billions of fragments which can cause extremely significant damages to the food chains and to the life of the marine ecosystems);

Climate Change
Responsible for the acidifications of sea waters and the subsequent effects over the wellbeing and the conservation of the ocean’s habitats;

Implementation of ‘Blue Technologies’
An opportunity to develop the maritime economy (or blue economy), by using innovation and research as the foundations for new productive and commercial policies;

Ocean Literacy
Meaning the spreading of a culture that enables the understanding of both the ocean’s influence over our lives and the effect that our choices and our actions have over it.

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During the two-day event, there will be workshops and lectures, aimed at enlightening guests about the principles of sustainability in business. On the 4th of October, the second and last day of the Forum, the contents and the ideas developed during the working sessions will be presented, together with the practical actions that the companies intend to adopt, in relation to the four central topics of the Forum.

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In addition, the One Ocean Forum’s social challenge was launched today in the form of the #nobottle4theocean. Designed to raise awareness about marine sustainability issues, The challenge involves throwing a plastic bottle into a container/bin and daring your friends to do the same. “Throwing a bottle in a container/bin is a symbolic gesture directly associated to the idea of recycling. A simple act that shows how easy, and sometimes entertaining, it is to support a large cause, with the belief that every action is important and that each of us can significantly contribute to the preservation of the environment.”


The Italian actress Cristina Capotondi, who has always been engaged with environmental causes, and Davide Carrera, free-diving world champion, whose interest in the sea and its safeguard is both a job and a passion, expressed their interest in participating to the #nobottle4theocean challenge.

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