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Art Exhibitions Across Europe Featured

Exercise your artistic eye at these exhibitions across Europe.

by 30 June 2017

From photography and graphic design to traditional painting and contemptorary dance, these exhibitions have it all and will bring you into the minds of the artists.


The Royal Academy of Art, London


Big things are coming to the Royal Academy, London this fall. Starting September 23 through December 10, the works of Jasper Johns will be displayed on the mantle of the Main Gallery. Johns, an American painter and sculptor, is seen as a leader of the abstract expressionist movement. Though he initially focused on drawing, painting, and sculpting, he added printmaking to his repertoire of skills when he realized it was the process, not the final product, that was most significant to him. If you move beyond the Academy’s Main Gallery, you will find the works of Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp from October 7 through January 3, 2018. Dalí, who was a prominent figure in the surrealist movement, and Duchamp, who focused in Dada, come together in this exhibition to emit an atmosphere of contrast and contingency. Though there is an element of dissimilarity between their works, the artists were actually friends in real life, and upon close inspection, you will find they both expressed similar interests in their fantasy worlds.

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Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany


For those interested in all artforms-from photography and drawing to video, sculpture, and the performing arts - Trisha Donnelly’s exhibition at Museum Ludwig is the perfect choice. Much of what will be displayed is unknown, adding a thrill factor to the experience. Donnelly is known for her contemporary art portfolio and extensive history of solo exhibitions, ensuring a satisfying experience no matter what the focal point might be. The exhibition began on April 24 and will conclude on July 30, so reserve tickets now.

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The Lafayette Foundation, Paris, France


The Lafayette Foundation has made a habit of supporting young artists in pop-up exhibitions around Europe, but for the first time these youthful, creative geniuses will be hosted in studio spaces in a permanent artistic palace. The building on rue du Plâtre is currently being renovated for a grand opening this fall. Expect to be blown away by the inventive, imaginative eye that will be showcased in each studio.


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