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Discover what it’s like to be sightless for the evening, with Dialogue In The Dark.

by 28 June 2017


We all take things for granted. From the large to the small, it is human nature to complain. However, how often do you come out of your home in the morning and thank the world for another day of health, happiness and being content?

What if you couldn’t see? How would you cope? Would those minor issues suddenly seem small and everyday norms suddenly become extremely difficult?

These are the thoughts that ran through my head during an experience in Milan’s ‘Dialogo Nel Buio’ (Dialogue in the dark) installation.

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The mission of the exhibition is not to simulate blindness but, to take what we feel, smell and touch to another dimension. If you couldn’t see, would coffee taste the same or would flowers still have the same scent?

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At Dialogo Nel Buio groups of 8 are guided round a space, completely in the dark. With just a cane in hand, guests are encouraged to trust their remaining senses to guide them around. A blind guide; who informs the group about all that is happening, leads each group through different terrains, environments, and scenarios. To struggle to put one foot in front of the other and being scared to make any sudden movements, makes you quickly realise how much we take the power of our sight for granted; considering that the guide has no problem in navigating the whole course.

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This is one of the fantastic initiatives set up by the Milan Institute for the Blind and is a real testament of praise to those who tackle daily life with just as much fervour, determination and confidence as those who have never experienced the affects of a visual impairment. This installation has been attracting visitors since 2005 and has experienced continued success.

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If you want to try this experience for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. It will be an unforgettable evening with a strong message. Dialogo Nel Buio often put on one off events, aperitivo evenings and dinners in conjunction with the exhibition so make sure to keep up to date with their program here.

Dialogue In The Dark is established in over 41 locations from Europe to Australasia and the Americas. Find out where you can take part in this amazing experience here.

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