Venice Does Beauty And The Beast Featured

The works of Judi Harvest and Quentin Garel explore themes of man and beast, contrasted with bees and beauty in Venice.

by 08 June 2017

The contemporary art exhibition, “Beauty and the Beast” allows viewers to come face to face with the brutalities of mankind, and experience the beauty of nature. Being displayed in the historic 16th century palace, Palazzo Tiepolo Passi in Venice, the exhibition is the latest curation of the Fondation Valmont. The exhibition is promoted by Fondation Valmont and curated by Didier Guillon, Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei. Fondation Valmont - patron for art and beauty - is the fourth pillar of the Valmont Group dedicated to contemporary art. Fondation Valmont aims to raise awareness and interest for artistic creation, to extend the experience of art and beauty to a large audience.


Judi Harvest and Quentin Garel collaborate on this exhibit to bring a narrative that provides viewers with a new perspective on mankind’s ability to destroy and nurture the environment.

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Paris based artist, Quentin Garel uses wild animal, skull and prehistoric imagery and sculptures to represent two dichotomies. On one hand, they represent the ancestral ties the human race has to other species and on the other, the human race’s loss of humanity. His works tell the story of human being’s instinctual desire to nurture living things divided by their need for power. This universal conundrum often leads to self destruction, and leaves humans weak under the spell of power.

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Judi Harvest finds it impossible not to see the art in life, and it is evident in her ethereal installations made from Murano glass and symbolic honey jars. Venice local, Judi Harvest’s work shows the harmonized version of humans living in balance with nature. The Venice sunlight filters through the windows overlooking the Grand Canal to give viewers a celestial and optimistic outlook on human’s relationship with nature.

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In two rooms, one represents a utopian society with Harvest’s work and the other room includes Garel’s work that depicts the negative attributes of mankind. The contrast between Garel and Harvest’s work force you to question which reality you want to partake in and allow you to feel the consequences and rewards of deciding to fall under human nature’s spell or not. This fairy tale inspired account of man and nature is perfect for children and adults to enjoy. The highly conceptual and breath taking exhibition will be on from May 13th to November 26th 2017.

You can find out more about this wonderful exhibition here.

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