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El Cuor No Se Vende – The Untouchable Art Collection

Maritime town of Hydra, Greece, Hosts Exclusive Exhibition

by 26 July 2016

‘The heart is not for sale’ is the translation for Didier Guillon’s newest art display, which features exquisite contemporary art that cannot be bought. Famous artist, and director of The Valmont Foundation, Guillon created “El Cuor No Se Vende” to cleanse artistry of its capitalistic customs and revitalise a purer form of aesthetic appreciation. From July 1st to August 31st, dive into Guillon’s unconquerable realm of free creativity – coincidently set in the timeless Greek town of Hydra.

Artists and Artwork


Brush, Lee Jung Woong

“El Cuor No Se Vende” will be a two-level exhibition that features the extravagant pieces of 15 contemporary artists. In the exhibition’s design, there is a stylistic contrast of darker and loftier pieces – with the darker on the lower or “Shadow” level and loftier on the upper or “Light” level. The “Shadow” level includes artwork from Lee Jung Woong, Joan Gardy Artigas, Quentin Garel, Didier Guillon, Isao Llorens Ishikawa, Yves Bélorgey, Nathalie Miquel Aubert, Frederic Amat and Riccardo Cordero. On the “Light” level, there will be pieces from Yves Léveque, Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille, Jane Le Besque, Baoulé Tribe, Didier Guillon, Tom Powell, Mitsu Haraguchi and Leonardo Cimolin.

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Historical Archives Museum of Hydra


Historical Archives Museum of Hydra

Guillon’s exhibition will take place at the Historical Archives Museum of Hydra. The museum, founded in 1918, has been a constant centre for art and culture in Hydra with an extensive history of memorable exhibitions housed in its walls.

For further information on the “El Cuor No Se Vende” Exhibition, visit: elcuornosevende.org

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