Martino Bissacco and Giorgio Flis at Town House 70, Turin

by 25 March 2010

Martino Bissacco and Giorgio Flis are painters who share the same passionate approach to their art. They use paint in a way analogous to the Abstract Expressionists, creating images hallmarked by powerful colours and energetic, painterly brushwork.
Their work can be seen from this evening, 25 March 2010, at Town House 70, Via XX Settembre 70, Turin, with inauguration at 7 p.m. This hotel is a serious contender for the title of the most chic glamour hotel in Turin, with its ideal location alongside the historic Caffé di Via Po. In addition, it has an intimate and discreet atmosphere, in which wellness and privacy are absolute priorities.
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In the photograph: "La nave dei folli" (Ship of fools), Giorgio Flis