Madrid's 'Cinema under the stars' offers an experience unlike any other in Spain

Madrid's cultural centre becomes a stage for all-singing, all dancing spectators.


Spain Editor

17 July 2014

After serving as the barracks of the Royal Guard Corps since 1717, the Cuartel del Conde Duque building was reinvented in the 1980s a space for philosophical thought and high-culture and until the 14th of September this will be transform its central patio into an open-air cinema.

2Unlike it's usual initiatives it will also promote a never-experienced-before concept: the 'Sing-Along' phenomenon, where spectators can sing the songs of musicals such as Grease or Mamma Mia.

The screen, constructed on the Patio Sur of the cultural centre, can seat up to 800 people, and there are stands with popcorn, soft drinks and snacks.

The space includes a gastronomic area of the highest standard with master patrons who together have 11 Michelin stars: Albert Adrià, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Ramón Freixa and Paco Pérez in tapas cuisine. 5% of the earnings from the gastronomic space will go to "Cocina Conciencia" a non-governmental organisation.

Alongside this, the Patio Sur, designed by Better, is a sun-soaked summer terrace that has room for independent retails and designers. Now you really can can drink, dance and be merry all in once place in the centre of Spain's capital.

The open-air cinema is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 9.30pm in July, at 9pm in August and at 8.30pm in September.

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