Breguet and the Louvre Featured

After a 10-year restoration financed by Breguet, the Louis XIV and Louis XVI halls of the Louvre will reopen to the public in June 2014.


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30 May 2014

The watchmaking brand Breguet is celebrating the reopening of the Louis XIV and Louis XVI halls of the Louvre, after a restoration project financed by the company to the order of millions of euro. The project was launched in 2009 by Nicolas G. Hayek, and this year it has reached its conclusion under his successor, Marc A. Hayek, president and CEO of Breguet. The halls have been closed for almost ten years, and will now be once again visible to the public, with a new design of the displays. The artworks in the halls will be enhanced by the superb interiors and by an exhibition installation of great clarity.

Breguet has long had connections with the famous Paris museum. In 1802, the company’s founder Abraham-Louis Breguet presented his timepieces at the Louvre during the second Exposition for industrial products. In 1810, the museum purchased a Breguet repeater watch, and the year after a pendulum clock. Currently, the collections at the Louvre include a series of Breguet watches, part of the 1961 bequest from Claudius Côte and his wife. In 2009, an exhibition titled ‘Breguet at the Louvre’ brought the brand and the museum into even closer contact.

The inauguration of the restored halls will take place on 17 June 2014, with Marc A. Hayek and 300 personalities from all over the world. During the event there will be a concert by soprano Polina Pasztircsák, winner of the Geneva Competition also sponsored by Breguet.