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Expressing your DNA in a way that really expresses you

by 18 March 2014

When you thought that we had invented everything under the stars, there’s always something round the corner that can take you by surprise.

While DNA science and its form has been applied to medicine, disease or ancestry, “Genetic Ink”, a New York City-based start-up is mixing molecules with high design and creating unique personalised works of DNA art.

Genetic Ink isn’t the only company breaking into the novelty DNA field - DNA Art US was already using this concept in 2005 but genetic art has now become a popular trend while decorating your house.

Genetic Ink will use genetic sequencing to high design with a system for turning genetic information into a wall-ready piece of art. As no two people have the same DNA, you are guaranteed a truly original piece of contemporary art.

How it works:

“Genetic Ink” will send its customers a DNA collection kit. All they need is a cheek swab, which needs to be sent back to the company where its FDA-approved lab will use an algorithm to sequence the DNA and turn it into a work of art. Samples will remain anonymous to protect clients’ privacy. The artwork can be produced in 17 different colours and four different sizes. Cats and dogs are also welcome!

The work of art is based on an original design called Spark, by Swiss-Canadian artist and designer Mathieu Daudelin.