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Human life divided by reason leaves a remainder, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe for Kristin Dembny

by 22 February 2013

All of one’s senses should fire warning signals about this person because it’s all but impossible not to fall completely under the spell of her fine works. Kristin Dembny is fascinated with the conditio humana, or “the human condition”. She is always watching people. For her, painting is the most suitable medium for presenting the human condition and making it tangible in all of its contradictions. Above all, this relates to ethical and moral decision making, sexuality, identity and socio-cultural issues, but also to banal daily experiences. Yet Dembny also engages in a creative kind of memory preservation and cultural reflection with subjectively chosen personalities from the arts, literature and society, for example. Her works are the ultimate expression of range and versatility as just about anyone will admit; they entertain, captivate and move us emotionally.

Following porcelain painting studies at the Meissen Manufactory and in Dresden, Barcelona (where she took up portrait painting full time) was another formative location on this artist’s career path. Her paintings constitute a liaison with her subjects - an artistically celebrated reality within which one can truly lose oneself. Utmost intensity and a frequently intense direct effect awaken a desire to see the world through Kristin's eyes.

Her brilliant visual creativity often takes the form of series of paintings. Her cycle “Frida…Viva la vida!”, a tribute to the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, won the 2006 Kaiserwerther Art Prize. Her 6-part, 5-metre wide Brecht cycle in oil on canvas reveals an inspired interpretation of 'The Threepenny Opera.' She approaches her works with an independent and dynamic style, with absolutely no taboos. Obviously, artistic talent and passion run in her blood; she is extreme in her passion and passionately extreme. The eyes behold her images in an unfiltered way as they get into our heads to rack our brains, to be deciphered and comprehended. She refreshes the art scene immensely even though – or perhaps because - her works are also polarizing. An expression of depraved purity or pure depravity. Full of charm yet shameless.

A femme fatale, Kristin Dembny lives and works in a studio in Düsseldorf and currently does a lot of painting on commission. Should you want to commission a painting – either a portrait or a composition – the artist will receive you with an open spirit and an open heart. Her credo is that the attention she demands from you, in other words, the valuable time that is consumed, will be reciprocated with something that is even more precious. Wonderful things happen when this succeeds.