Luxos talks to Alex Turco, innovative artist Featured

Avantgarde fashion photography and design

by 29 May 2009

Between design, art and installation, the creative work of Alex Turco more aptly qualifies him as an “art designer”. In fact, his work is based on the idea of reprocessing images to give the spaces new form, expression, movement and style. The result is a brand new fusion technique with an exclusive feature, the ability to combine photography, graphic art and design and to then add material applications by hand.

Your work is a strikingly elegant and original teaming of diverse materials. Would you say it was more an expression of art or of design?
My aim is to fuse art, design and fashion together, integrating them into the lifestyle. My creations are made on panels and luxurious leathers, enriched with applications of paint, resin, glitter, crystals, sand and precious minerals. They are unique objects, created especially to enhance the surrounding environment.

How have you structured your new project for the Palazzo Borgonovo exhibition from 13-20 April?
We will set up a Temporary Store at Palazzo Borgonovo for the week of the Salone del Mobile. A “made-to-measure” place where I will display all my creations. A one-month pilot project, followed by the opening of my first flagship store in Miami. A grand debut that aims to present the entire Alex Turco universe.

Tell us about your latest creative expressions.
During the Milan interiors week I will revisit technological products such as the laptop and the smart phone. I will also premier uber-luxurious python maxi-bags onto which I’ll transpose the
most appreciated themes of my fashion panels.

Let’s talk about masters and monsters: in your opinion, who are the former and who are the latter?
My contemporary reference is Giorgio Armani, a true master. Looking back, Andy Warhol was an absolute genius. The monsters….well, I don’t want to offend anyone. Overall, I don’t like excessively bright colours or monotony. Actually, the colours I go for are bronze and brown, a highly refined match.

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