84th Annual Academy Awards



27 February 2012

The formal ceremony at which the Awards of Merit are presented is one of the most prominent award ceremonies in the world, and is televised live in more than 100 countries annually. It is the culmination of the film awards season, an elaborate extravaganza, with the invited guests walking up the red carpet in creations by some of the leading fashion designers of the day.

The film 'The Artist' completed its list of awards by winning an Oscar for the Best Picture at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

Jean Dujardin won the Best Actor nomination and in his speech exclaimed "I love our country!"

Maryl Streep, nominated for the 17th time, received an Oscar as  Best Actress for the third time. She is the most-nominated actress of all time. She won her previous Oscar in 1983 for the leading role in Sophie's Choice. Both winners were dressed in Lanvin all custom made in the Lanvin Paris Women’s and Men's Ateliers.