Tips and Toes, new pampering at Chuan Spa, Hong Kong

Chuan Spa's Tips and Toes
Taking fabulous wellness to a whole new level, the luxurious Chuan Spa has created Tips and Toes; a lush new 90-minute therapy designed exclusively for head, hands and feet, priced at just HK$666. Start in Head Heaven with a 30-minute scalp massage that promises to evaporate stress and transport you into a dreamy state of nirvana.
It’s then time for Healing Hands with an evening primrose scrub followed by a nourishing mud wrap. An aromatic massage with rose, vetiver, lavender and vitamin E completes the hand treatment leaving hard working hands supple.

Finally it’s time to give stiletto-sore feet a break with a mini Feet Retreat designed to enhance circulation and relieve aching feet. An aromatic compress leads a warm oil and herbal salt exfoliation followed by a peppermint, lemon and cypress foot mask. A final foot massage leaves feet refreshed and pampered.

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