Sha Wellness Clinic, new treatments

Sha Wellness Clinic has presented its latest range of general and specific programs, which include general wellness treatments lasting from 2 days to 14 days, and specific programs such as weight loss, anti-stress, anti-tobacco, sleep well and fibromyalgia. In addition, there are aesthetic programs for facial rejuvenation, biological natural rejuvenation, hands rejuvenation and more.
The treatments often combine ancient Eastern healing techniques with the very latest western discoveries in the wellness sector, and they include a general medical check up, clinical analysis, medical, nutrition and aesthetic consultation, therapeutic natural beverages, and much more. The "Sha Feeling" program, lasting for two days, provides an overview of the Sha Wellness Clinic and offers a superb introduction to the different treatments available in its beautiful surroundings, with a natural therapeutic treatment, a sensory relaxing massage, and a floatarium session with its unique Dead Sea sensations and therapeutic benefits.
Sha treatments are offered with accommodation that can be chosen from deluxe, superior, grand or presidential suites.
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