Tauleto Vitis Philosphiae presents Ceraviva

Tauleto Vitis Philosphiae presents Ceraviva, an innovative and new revolutionary body treatment: a candle that, once lit, becomes massage oil. Made from organic plant extracts and beeswax, the Ceraviva candle embraces the notion of the whole-body treatment experience.

The candle is made from natural active ingredients, including organic grapes, organic honey, cocoa butter, rice, beeswax, hemp oil and soybeans. These combine to produce hydrating nutrients designed to leave skin soft, not greasy.

All Spa treatments at Tauleto are inspired by life in the vineyards, and contain the powerful antioxidants found in the grapevine: organic Resveratrol from red grapes, anthocyanins, Vitamin P and citrin, as well as the minerals and micronutrients found in the soil.

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