New features at Heavenly Spa, at Westin Financial Street Hotel, Beijing

May 2010: The First Spa Recycling Programme
The Spa Recycling Programme reflects Westin's eco-friendly policy, and the Heavenly Spa is the first spa in China, and the first in the Westin group worldwide, to introduce a recycling programme. The objective is to encourage spa-goers to be more environment-conscious. Customers at the Spa are rewarded with Spa vouchers when they bring in used cosmetics packaging/bottles/jars to the Heavenly Spa. The hotel stores and sorts the materials and despatches them for recycling. Clients will receive a RMB 200 Spa voucher if they bring in a minimum of ten used cosmetics packaging, bottles or jars. Runs until 31 December 2010.

Spa Friday
Spa Friday is a new concept, encouraging people to treat themselves to a spa session on Friday, and making it a part of their weekly habits. This is the moment at which people need to recover and recharge after an exhausting week of work, and to prepare for the weekend with a refreshed mind, body and soul. Spa Friday at The Heavenly Spa offers a day of absolute pampering, with special treatments and retail promotions, spa cuisine, and eco-awareness. To launch the idea, Heavenly Spa is offering a range of benefits. For example, a Friday Spa treatment can be enjoyed free of charge by purchasing one treatment on another day. After every Friday Spa treatment, clients receive an organic, natural Heavenly Spa Lavender soap bar. Superfood Light Snacks are offered free after Friday Spa sessions.

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