Do it the Dior way!



Running around fashion week is exhilarating but utterly exhausting as well! So many shows, so many dinners and lunches and parties; oh, my! Step out of your stilettos and into a plush Plaza Athéné robe and be transported to heaven on earth at the ultimate spa, the Dior Institut, an unparalleled sanctuary of luxury and pampering located within one of the world’s finest hotels. The Dior Institut is in fact a temple within a temple, a sophisticated and secluded luxurious space, where you are the most important person.  Treat yourself to the exclusive Dior Prestige Facial Ritual, an extraordinary experience which begins with a deep back massage, because, if the body isn’t relaxed the face can't possibly be either! The ritual consists of several steps using Dior’s renowned and fantastically efficient beauty products, your face will be cleansed, massaged and treated for 75 blissful minutes at the end of which not only will your beauty glow, you’ll also be re-energised and gorgeous: perfect for taking in the rest of the whirlwind that is Paris Fashion Week!

For more information please visit Plaza Athéné's website.