SHA Wellness Clinic introduces Clear+Brilliant

SHA Wellness Clinic, a pioneer wellness centre located in the hills above Alicante, Spain, has recently introduced a new beauty treatment called Clear+Brilliant. This treatment is the first of its kind, designed to improve skin texture and luminosity.

Clear+Brilliant is a preventive treatment intended for women over 30 years of age without particular skin problems (wrinkles or spots) who wish to prevent the onset of any skin ageing problems. This new approach, considered as a viable alternative to chemical peeling, uses lasers of the latest generation developed by Solta Medical.

This innovative treatment improves skin tone and texture. It closes pores, adds luminosity and has no secondary side effects. For best results, the clinic recommends between one and five Clear+Brilliant sessions with two week intervals. Each session lasts twenty minutes and allows you to treat face, neck, neckline and hands.

Regardless of age, sun damage or life style, Clear+Brilliant will give your skin a radiant and youthful look. The treatment is quick, and produces immediately visible results. Clear+Brilliant is also compatible with additional beauty treatments such as botox and other infiltrations.