Weight loss, detox, and anti-tobacco programs at Sha Wellness, Alicante, Spain

The Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain, are presenting a new promotion titled "New Year, New Life," with 10% discount on accommodation and on the program when booking Weight Loss, De-Tox or Anti-Tobacco programmes. The offer is available from 1 Jan until 28 Feb 2011.

The Weight Loss programme is for a recommended 14 day stay and a minimum of 7 days, and it helps guests to lose weight, keep it off and increase their vitality. With a personalised diet designed to balance metabolism and reduce blood sugar, the Sha spa will introduce you to a low fat dietary program with specific herbal drinks to facilitate the elimination of excess fat. The programme includes a general medical check up, specialist consultations, the Sha diet as prescribed, daily therapeutic natural beverages according to your prescription, one therapeutic massage (2 in the 14 days program), 2 acupuncture sessions (4 in the 14 days program), one lymphatic drainage (2 in the 14 days program), one hydro-colon therapy session (2 in the 14 days program), one preso-therapy session (2 in the 14 days program), one floatarium session offering therapeutic benefits similar to those of the Dead Sea (2 in the 14 days program), as well as a range of ancillary Sha spa activities and facilities.

The Detox programme is designed to combat the effects of stress, inactivity, poor diet and many other challenges of modern life, which often result in the accumulation of toxins. Purifying the body brings a new experience of vitality and well-being. Depending on the guest’s condition, this two week program may include short periods of macrobiotic detox specific foods or juice fasting. The programme offers the same general structure as detailed above.

The Anti-Tobacco programme is formulated to enable clients to stop smoking and to ensure that they do not return to the habit. Smoking is the main cause of cancer, chronic heart disease, vascular and lung diseases. Sha's anti-tobacco program studies each guest’s lifestyle and profile and examines their physical and psychological conditions. After a heart and lung check, individualised treatments such as macrobiotic, phytotherapy, acupuncture, laser, magnetotherapy and relaxation techniques are included in the programme. The programme offers the same general structure as detailed above.
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For further information, contact Sha Wellness Clinic at www.shawellnessclinic.com, tel +34 96 681.1199, Verderol 5, Playa del Albir, 03581 Comunidad Valenciana, Alicante, Spain