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Our interview with Chef Marino D'Antonio of Sureño restaurant in The Opposite House, Beijing

Sureño is an oustanding Mediterranean restaurant in Beijing. Since its opening, it’s been packed every night, much to the delight of Chef Marino d’Antonio who sees the restaurant as his pride and joy. He told us that the greatest challenge of creating Mediterranean in Beijing is finding the highest quality produce from the right grocers. Getting the best possible ingredients is the first step of creating good Mediterranean cuisine.

What’s the secret behind Sureño’s success?
Customers can choose from our large menu which showcases the essence of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Our most basic ingredients such as olive oil, ham, cheese, even flour are all imported from Europe for their genuine flavour. These European-sourced ingredients are key to our success.

Do you use locally-sourced produce in your dishes?
We have a few local farms which provide us with produce. For example, an organic farm in Beijing supplies the best suckling pigs. A great barbecue and just some simple spices are enough to bring out the superb flavour and tenderness of the meat.

What are your plans for Sureño in the near future?
Right now, our mission is to continue offering our customers with great dishes made with excellent ingredients. We want to keep up with this rapidly growing country. As we get our hands on an even wider selection of produce and meat, we will be able to come up with more creative Mediterranean dishes.

Could you please recommend a dish for our readers?
I would recommended our grilled king prawns. We choose the best tiger prawn from Thailand and grill in the wood fired oven with lemon and thyme. The dish is then served with a special ratatouille which is made of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, lemon, dry raisin, pine nuts and Sicilian olive oil.

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