Hôtel de Crillon - head chef Christopher Hache presents the new autumn menu

Christopher Hache, head chef at Hôtel de Crillon, has presented the new autumn menu at the restaurant Les Ambassadeurs. In 2011, Hache and his team received their first Michelin star, and today, the restaurant, in Count de Crillon's spectacular ballroom, is considered as one of the finest culinary experiences in Paris.

The menu includes sophisticated recipes, such as, amongst the entrées, Cepe mushrooms, stuffed and oven-grilled with nuts; mains, Sole glazed with St. Maure cheese, stuffed with pine nuts, vegetables; and, amongst the desserts, Les Chocolait-cookies, thin chocomilk biscuit, Jivara chocolate mousse, and passion fruit sorbet.

In the photo below, another entréè, Blue lobster à la mozzarella tomato, claw served crispy. Photo courtesy of Thierry-Samuel

Below, a dessert at Les Ambassadeurs: Les Chocolait-cookies, thin chocomilk biscuit, Jivara chocolate mousse, and apricot sorbet.

The dessert above is a creation by Chef Patissier Jérôme Chaucesse (in the photo below):

Christopher Hache has just turned 30, but his career has already seen a string of successes. Christopher grew up in a cuisine atmosphere, because his grandmother cooked for the small family-run guesthouse, and his father ran the Le Paris Dieppe restaurant in Paris. This was where Christopher first tried his hand at being a chef. "My father pushed me to the limits to make sure I was the best. He was the catalyst in my personal development."

He later studied at the Auguste Escoffier high school, and began his career working alongside some great chefs. Firstly, with Eric Briffard at the Elysées du Vernet. This was followed by work at the Lucas Carton team at Place de la Madeleine in Paris, under famous chef Alain Senderens. He worked his way up to third sous-chef, under Frédéric Robert.

This was followed by work at L'Auberge des Cimes with Jacques Marcon, and then he helped re-open the Lucas Carton with a new concept and a new brand name: Senderens. At the hotel Bristol, he worked with chef Eric Fréchon, and had his first experience of the very high pressure in the world of luxury hotels, where reliability and perfection has to be attained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here he helped Fréchon and his team earn their third Michelin star in March 2009.

Always ready for a new challenge, he moved to the Grande Cascade, once again working alongside chef Frédéric Robert.
And from there, three years ago he moved to Hôtel de Crillon as hotel chef, a role that he considered as the greatest challenge of his career. The fact that he has met the challenge with panache and success shows that Hache has many culinary surprises still in store.

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