Interview with Jérome Manifacier, chef at Vertig'O restaurant, Geneva

Jérôme Manifacier masterminds the cuisine at Vertig’O restaurant, at Hotel de la Paix, Geneva. This gourmet venue presents traditional French cuisine with a Mediterranean influence, with a wide variety of dishes, a weekly-updated business menu, and an attractive setting. As well as its Michelin star, it has been given the grade of 16/20 in the 2012 edition of the Gault & Millau guide for Switzerland.

The first thing that springs to mind when you meet Jérôme Manifacier is creativity. His recipes look like works of contemporary art! But where did the intriguing name for the restaurant, Vertig’O, come from?

"Our owner liked it and it reflects the fantasy and creativity of my cuisine. and as regards the appearance of my dishes, I believe that the visual design of a recipe is important, as even before you taste the food, you start eating with your eyes!”

How do you achieve a balance between traditional and contemporary cuisine, between local and international?

“it is important for me to work in an authentic way with local and seasonal products only. Each food item has its own taste and I want to respect this. I use seasonal, tasty products from local suppliers: my cuisine is authentic, of course with the French touch. But i also like some Asian spices and the combination of both. My menu changes at least four times a year, and sometimes I make changes within each season, as certain products are available for just four weeks.”

Do you have any ideas on possible future directions for haute cuisine?

“I think it will go back to tradition and natural foundations, and no more food experiments which completely change the flavour of the ingredients.”

What is your ideal working environment?

“My kitchen in Hotel de la Paix and having a talented and perfect team.”

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