Avantgarde tradition, definitely an Oximoron!

"Health food makes me sick," said comedian Calvin Trillin, in a familiar figure of speech known as an oxymoron. Dani García's two-Michelin starred Restaurante Calima, located in Marbella, Spain has officially inaugurated its new season which runs until 15 October 2012, introducing an exciting new menu called Oximoron.

There are loads of familiar oxymorons, which contrast two opposing concepts in the same phrase. Living dead, open secret, fighting for peace, bitter sweet, deafening silence, or, more rhetorically, military intelligence, business ethics, and so forth.

Why Oximoron at the Calima restaurant? Perhaps because García's latest concoction is based on 'the most avantgarde tradition.' If you embark on this culinary journey, you will discover experiences that feature over 20 dishes which include miniature bagels with Iberic ham, cheese wedges, mother's empanadillas (turnovers), Roteña style potatoes and steak tartare, to mention but a few. 

This season García has paid extra attention to desserts, which highlight the chef's artistic and humoristic talents, with names such as silk worm, check-mate or the delicious chocolate surprise called La Mariposa (the butterfly) shown in the photo above.

Calima has two Michelin stars and Three Soles Repsol (Spain's highest culinary distinction). It has amazed audiences since its opening in 2005 in Marbella with García's unique culinary vision and its unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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