Hyatt Regency Hong Kong presents the Chinese restaurant deluxe taste


The Chinese Restaurant is well-known for its delicious authentic Cantonese food and modern art decor. Starting from January 2011, Lo Kwai-kai, head chef of The Chinese Restaurant at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, is delighted to introduce a new 6-course deluxe menu priced at $318 per person during lunch to please every taste.

Chef Lo firstly welcomes you with his appetiser combination comprising various acclaimed appetisers and dim sum, followed by a choice of deluxe nourishing soups, including shark’s fin soup in clay pot with fish maw and bamboo piths or double-boiled fish maw soup with heart of brassica.

There is a wide selection of main courses available. For seafood lovers, the steamed fillet of garoupa with bean curd and home-made pickled chilli is their recommendation. Topped with home-made pickled chillis, the fillet of garoupa with bean curd slice is steamed to perfection, bringing a refreshing taste with a moderate spiciness. Stir-fried scallops with preserved vegetables and bean curd skin is another highlight, not only the preserved vegetables add a savoury edge to the fresh scallops, the bean curd skin is also soft and flavourful.

Other than seafood, the menu also offers various tastes of main courses like stir-fried sliced US wagyu beef short rib with garlic and steamed chicken with sliced abalone and yunnan ham. The stir-fried US wagyu beef in the former dish is juicy and marbled with fat, exuding a rich and robust flavour, while the combination of sliced chicken, abalone and the savoury Yunnan ham steamed with lotus leaf brings you a complexity in tastes and textures. Other tantalising dishes like steamed fresh prawns with vermicelli and fried garlic, stir-fried assorted seafood and egg white and braised pork dumplings with vegetables are also available for your choice.

The menu is also complemented by stir-fried seasonal vegetables, stir-fried glutinous rice with preserved meats and either the home-made signature dessert sticky hakka style cake or dessert of the day.

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