Cocina Contradicción by Dani García

Chef Dani García will be presenting his new book Cocina Contradicción published by Editorial Everest at 11:00 a.m. in the Activity Room on the fourth floor of Casa del Libro (Calle Velázquez 8).

Among the personalities present at the event will be writer Fernando Huidobro, Dani García's photographer and collaborator Pablo Jiménez and Andalusia Everest sales representative Miguel Jiménez.

Cocina Contradicción a gastronomical masterpiece by famed chef Dani García. The book published by Editorial Everest presents the qualities that define Mr. García as one of Spain’s leading chefs.

“The kitchen has its share of art, but this is an ephemeral art, that ends as soon as it is consumed,” remarks Dani García who considers himself and artistic chef.

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