Francisco Javier Rivas is awarded as the “Best New Chef of the Year”

With his dish the “Ibéric 'dam' of Sierra Mayor filled with false risotto, potatoes, pear and herbal air” the chef native from Granada, Francisco Javier Rivas, won the final edition of the “Best New Chef of the Year” The event is organized by Landaluz in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing who has brought together Andalusia’s leading culinary experts around an indisputable protagonist: the tapa.

A total of six chefs from across Andalusia have taken part of this Iron Chef contest where they were given two hours to prepare a unique dish with surprise ingredients all of Andalusian origin. The jury, presided by Pedro García-Cuerda and comprised of culinary experts, journalists and food critics selected the dish of the student from La Cónsula, taken into consideration the work organization, the composition, the presentation and of course, the taste.

The recent “Best New Chef of the Year” has been awarded 3.000 euros, a training course and tickets with accommodation to attend the Andalucía Sabor 2011 conference.

Other noteworthy participants in the related presentations and workshops include the popular Dani García, Quique Dacosta, Ángel León and Francis Paniego (shown in the above image). The chefs prepared their recipes on location with ingredients from Landaluz companies and the new and emerging companies such as Pura Tasca, Besana, Ciquitaque, Gorki, Zurrutraque, Simun, El Sur and Bacus who are also experts in Andalusian culinary products.

This event also served as the platform for the presentation of the book, “Andalucía destapa Andalucía” (Andalusia uncovers Andalusia) in which over thirty Andalusian establishments REVEAL original and delicious tapas prepared with regional products.
After the main events of the evening, attendees enjoyed cocktails as well as a taste of the variety of tapas prepared for the event.

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