Guggenheim Bilbao Restaurant

Stunning Basque creations of complex simplicity

“Only those who experiment with absurdity are capable of achieving the impossible”.
This philosophy of cooking proclaimed by head chef Josean Martinez Alija describes both his restaurant at the Guggenheim Bilbao, as well as the museum in which it is enclosed. Both are absurd in their own right…the museum for its twisted, curving lines and interconnected volumes. The chef for his strikingly minimal, yet surprisingly complex approach to cooking. Hailed as one of the most promising chefs in Spain, Martinez Alija produces true culinary delights based on the concepts of balance, purity and quality…and with the vegetable as king. For Martinez Alija every vegetable presents a challenge, a challenge to maintain the essence of the product while simultaneously discovering its every potential. Some of the dishes, for example, have only one or two ingredients, with texture becoming the essential value. A meal at the Guggenheim Bilbao Restaurant is one of discovery, where every taste, texture and aroma leaves one pleasantly stunned.

Luxos Recommended Menu:
Chunk of cod roasted under the grill, served with a sopako bread country soup, with a hint of sour and spicy

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