JW Marriott's Restaurant's Executive Chef Herman Ip shares his insight on food therapy

Food therapy focuses on maintaining a healthy body through absorbing the natural nutrients of food. Every type of food has its own benefits that can nurture the body and prevent illness. Man Ho Chinese Restaurant’s Executive Chef, Herman Ip, has created a delicious, tonic menu that utilises the natural strength of the ingredients to regulate the body. This menu is now available to revitalise the mind and body.

Chef Ip is a fan of the “The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor”, the bible of traditional food therapy, which leads to his passion for creating dishes that satisfy more than just the palate, but also for the good of the body. He often states, “The idea of food therapy is to absorb the nutrients necessary for our body through careful selection of ingredients to create a balanced and healthy diet. We need to take care of our five core elements – heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney by intaking the right diet, so that our body can be strengthened and our life can be prolonged. The special menu that we created is solely for this purpose.”

Chef Ip emphasises that the key to health is to intake all five colours (red, green, yellow, white and black), and all five flavours (bitter, sour, sweet, spicy and salty) that will eventually balance and refresh our lives. The food therapy menu will be updated seasonally.

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