LUXOS has brought you the top 5 European dining experiences to add to your bucket list.  

A testimony to Milan’s history

Mayfair boasts the best in culinary delights

Riad Yacout has the pleasure of hosting an evening dedicated to International Women's Day.

Enjoy an evening of masked performances with elegant ladies, knights and sensual concubines at Riad Yacout in Milan.

From 4 November to 28 February 2014, food lovers are invited to eat out at some of Milan’s finest restaurants, and give their support to AIL, the Italian Association against Leukemias, Lymphomas and Myelomas, a non-profit organisation, based in Milan. 

M1NT is Shanghai’s premium entertainment venue.

Enjoy a unique culinary experience

Luxos meets business owners who have combined their passion for food with an appetite for something entirely different