Europäischer Hof Heidelberg

Where the waves of history leave a mark, and supreme hospitality reign.

by 29 September 2017

From Churchill, Eisenhower, King Edward VIII, Nixon, Neil Armstrong to Jay Z, what is the beauty of Europäischer Hof Heidelberg that attracted so many politicians and celebrities to stay? Is it the beautiful town of Heidelberg? Is it the rich history of this five-star establishment, or the cosy and welcoming lobby that just makes everyone want to stay and chat?

Out of the 117 individually furnished rooms and suites at Europäischer Hof, there has to be one that’s particular to your liking. Some say it’s hard to feel like home staying at hotels, but Europäischer Hof will prove it wrong. The elegant yet comforting interior design gives warmth to every traveler who just wants to escape every now and then. The 200 square-metre penthouse suite is luxuriant and exclusive enough to cater all of your group event needs, from family retreat to private cocktail parties. With the gorgeous view of the Odenwald Forest, you will feel the homelike comfort that brings you seclusion and inner peace.

If you seek further exclusivity, Europäischer Hof also offers three perfectly equipped apartments in one of the finest residential areas in Heidelberg. However, you don’t have to worry about feeling out of touch with Europäischer Hof, for you are entitled to the direct connection with all it has to offer: Panorama Spa Club, hall, restaurants, bar, meeting rooms and many others.

The gourmet restaurant Die Kurfürstenstube is famous even amongst connoisseurs and attracts almost all the esteemed lodgers at Europäischer. The wine list includes 350 wines coming from all over the world just to make your taste buds dance.If you just made some friends over at the hotel lounge, why don’t you invite them to the next-door Europa-Bar to chat over a drink?  The continental European beverages ranging from German beer, French wine, to Scottish whiskey will be sure to relax you and your companions. 


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Europäischer Hof Heidelberg

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

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