Il Salviatino, a quintessentially romantic hotel in Florence


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07 May 2010

Hotel Il Salviatino, in Florence, Italy, has been placed first in the world as the hotel with the most romantic suites. The rankings were compiled by the website More specifically, the Melodia Suite at Il Salviatino was identified as the most romantic of all. The suite features walls clad in natural chestnut, a bathroom with an antique marble and sandstone washbasin, and a fireplace, all in an authentic Renaissance atmosphere that offers guests the chance to savour a trip back in time. The other suites in the hotel, such as the Marcello suite and the Ojetti suite, are large, spacious, and unique for their lovely frescoes. The Ojetti suite offers a fine view of Florence's Cathedral, and has a private balcony for candle-lit dinners under the balmy Tuscan sky.

Boutique hotel Il Salviatino is running a special price, applicable to all suites, of euro 510 per night, including breakfast, for two people. Other services included are a 24-hour Ambassador Service, free shuttle to and from central Florence, car parking, free Wi-Fi, free in-room bar, coffee-making equipment, films and music.

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