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17 March 2010

Town House Collection is a totally new hoteliery concept. In order to give visitors a more intimate connection to the city in which they are staying, in this form of accommodation, the rooms are at street level, with a unique and distinctive interior design. The concept is called [email protected] street. (See also previous blog post here).

The first 4 PHS (Permanent Hospitality Spaces) created by architect Simone Micheli will be inaugurated in Milan, on April 14, during the International Furniture Show. The dynamic and modern metropolitan city Milan has been chosen as the first city for the implementation of this project: the first four spaces are called “[email protected] street”.

Alessandro Rosso, originator of this new project, has said: “When you travel on your own and you spend the night in room 1032 on the 16th floor of a hotel, you feel isolated, whereas in a Town House Street room, you feel immersed in the city, its rhythm and its dynamics. While watching the street lights, at Town House Street you feel in touch with the landscape and its inhabitants in the same way as you can make friends in an open air coffee area. The city becomes your fellow traveller. You feel alive while you are looking at the city. TownHouse Street is home with all the added value of a hotel. It is a house with the services of a hotel”.
Simone Micheli, creator of the project of Town House Street’s interior design, adds: “When Alessandro talked to me about this new concept and the intelligent entrepreneurial project he had in mind, everything was immediately clear to me. My interior design project needed to convey uniqueness, a strong identity, an incredible interconnection with the urban system, while skipping the known stereotypes. Therefore, I created extremely evocative, functional, enthralling places, capable of becoming manifestos of a new way of thinking about the world of hospitality, of a new way of conceiving the relationship between the accommodation dimension and the city.”
Massimiliano Orsatti, Town Councillor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and City Identity at Milan Council, said: “We are providing enthusiastic support for the Town House Street project. The new combination of design and hospitality reflects a personalised and intimate stay, hallmarking new, intimate urban locations in a developing city. Spaces, buildings and aristocratic homes from former times have been upgraded to their original excellence to become a symbol and hallmark of accommodation in the city. I am proud that Milan will be pioneering this new, innovative concept of hoteliery.”