Corinthia Hotel London Seeking Artist in Residence

by 29 October 2013

The Corinthia Hotel London is continuing a new tradition today with its third national call for an Artist in Residence. This annual program seeks to feature British-nurtured talent in various artistic disciplines.

This year, the Corinthia Hotel is seeking a filmmaking talent for the programme. The theme for submissions in “The Power of Sleep.” The contest gives a further creative prompt in the phrase, “Without sleep we cannot think, live, work, love, be well, or enjoy life. With it, we are capable of anything.”

The winner/winners will be given the opportunity to reside in the hotel for one month and will receive a budget of £15,000 to create a short film that will be launched in early May 2014. The 2013-2014 Judging Panel is made up of luminaries in film, Amanda Berry, CEO of BAFTA, Steve Davies, CEO of APA, Eric Fellner, Co-Chairman of Working Title Films, Mike Figgis, noted director, Sir John Hegarty, Founder of BBH, Isabella Macpherson, Co-Founder of Arts Co, Amanda Nevill, Director of the British Film Institute, Sarah Sands, Editor of the Evening Standard, Justine Simons, The Mayor’s Office’s Head of Culture, Dan Stevens, noted actor, Lucy Tuck, Editor of the Financial Times Life & Arts, and Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Industries.

Corinthia Hotel London’s General Manager Matthew Dixon says, “Our Artist in Residence Programme was born out of our commitment to support rising British talent, situated as we are at the crossroads of some of Britain’s best-loved cultural institutions. We hope the rich theme of ‘The Power of Sleep’ will intrigue filmmakers.”

Last year’s winner was Look Left Look Right, a London theatre company. They created a 70-minute play called “Above & Beyond” about the hotel’s history and staff. The play was performed through 30 different spaces within and around the hotel, and was supposed to run for 5 weeks, but when tickets sold out within the first week, the play was extended an extra week.

The 2011-2012 winner, Noémie Goudal, created large-scale works of art, using the Corinthia Hotel London as a touch point, transported viewers throughout the world, and were on display at around the hotel.

The Corinthia Hotel London should provide artists with much inspiration. The 294-room hotel is located in a Victorian-era building that provides world-class luxury, including a number of renowned restaurants and bars, and a legendary spa. The rooms are the largest in London, and contain restored Victorian columns and swaths of natural light from soaring windows. The hotel is the crown jewel of the Corinthia Hotels’ collection of five-star hotels founded by the Pisani family of Malta.

The Artist in Residence Programme is a fantastic way to support the local artistic community and highlight the remarkable talent of rising British creative minds.

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