Park Hyatt 'Masters of Food' Riso & Risotti Culinary Tour

by 25 September 2013

Long considered Milan’s premier hotel and located right in the heart of the city, Park Hyatt Milano makes the perfect starting point for exploring the culinary treasures of Milan and its environs.
The Park Hyatt is offering its guests an exclusive culinary tour entitled ‘Riso & Risotti’ (Rice and Rice-based Dishes) on Saturday 28 September. It is part of the Masters of Food & Wine series offering visiting gourmands sophisticated culinary and wine experiences.
Considered ‘masters’ of their craft, Park Hyatt culinary experts have created the Riso & Risotti culinary tour, which takes guests on a journey to the pristine nature reserve of San Massimo, in Lomenilla, in the province of Pavia to learn about the superfine Canaroli rice, considered the “king of rice.”
The San Massimo reserve extends for approximately 600 hectares and around 100 hectares are dedicated to irrigated and meticulously monitored carnaroli rice patties, where it cultivates 100% authentic carnaroli rice.

The Riso & Risotto excursion

Depart from the hotel at 9.00 a.m. together with the hotel staff

Arrive at the San Massimo Reserve, in the province of Pavia

Tour of the rice paddies, amongst the indigenous plants and animals of the reserve

An exquisite lunch at the VUN restaurant located at the reserve’s main house. Lunch includes a rice-based menu prepared by Chef Andrea Aprea and wine from the Oltrepò Pavese region selected by the Sommelier.

A visit to the cut and drying plants

Return to the hotel around 5.00 p.m

Cost of the tour: 120 euro per person

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