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LUXOS meets Lutz Bösing, stellar chef at Finca Cortesin


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18 June 2013

Chef Lutz Bösing from Germany is cooking quite a stir at El Jardín de Lutz, signature restaurant at hotel Finca Cortesin, Casares, near Marbella.

You are German, yet you’ve settled down in Spain. How does this combination of cultures affect your cuisine?
I would say that from Germany I have acquired my method: that is where my training began. After 20 years in Spain I have learned a lot from the cooking methods used here and most importantly about the variety of ingredients, their quality and above all their freshness.

What is your favourite ingredient, when it comes to Spanish cuisine?
I do not have favourite ingredients. As long as they are fresh, quality products prepared with passion, the dishes will surely be delicious and attractive. By following this precept, you can create meals that are just as good whether you prepare an anchovy or a langoustine.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by other cultures and their produce: travelling and tasting new dishes awakens my creativity.
¿De dónde saca la inspiración?
Me inspiro en otras culturas, en otros productos: viajar, probar diferentes platos, ver diferentes culturas e ingredientes hacen que se despierte mi creatividad.

Why did you choose to become a chef?
Cooking is my passion! I love eating well, experimenting, drawing from and learning about different cultures and gastronomy that allow me to create new dishes. It is very important for me to continually seek new trends that enable me to surprise our guests.

What dish would you recommend to our readers?
There are many that I can recommend, but I’ve chosen this dessert that uses fresh produce from the area in an innovative way: Casares goat cheese with dulce de membrillo (quince conserve) and honey ice cream. 

Casares goat cheese with quince jelly and honey ice cream
Goat cream cheese
900 gr Casares goat's cheese
230 gr Icing sugar
100 ml Cream
600 ml Whipped cream
Quince jelly
600 ml Mineral water
100 gr Sugar
800 gr Quince conserve
10 sheets Gelatin

Rosemary pastry
500 gr Icing sugar
500 gr Softened butter
25 gr Rosemary
400 gr Flour
400 gr Honey

Honey ice cream
1 l Milk
1 l Cream
960 gr Egg yolk
250 gr Granulated sugar
250 gr Honey

Goat cream cheese
Whisk the goat cheese, sugar and cream. Slowly add the whipped cream, and refrigerate in moulds (6 cm each).

Quince jelly
Heat the sugar, water and quince conserve for five minutes. Lower the temperature to 45° C and add the gelatin (previously softened in cold water). Strain and place in bowls.

Rosemary pastry
Blend the rosemary and sugar in a blender. Add the remaining ingredients and leave to stand for three hours. Spread and place into a baking pan and bake at 160°. Once cooked, while still warm, cut into circular pieces, each 7 cm in diameter.

Honey ice cream
Prepare in the same way as you would a custard.