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Interview with Arnaud Berthelier, Chef de Cuisine at Sir Elly's Restaurant, The Peninsula Shanghai


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23 June 2010

Using the finest organic ingredients, Chef Berthelier creates Shanghai’s best European cuisine, bringing a refined dining experience to The Peninsula Shanghai

How did you choose to be a chef, and how did you get started in your career?
Well, it’s all in the family because my grandfather used to be a baker, and my big brother is a chef. Even when I was just four, I used to make creative salads with my mum. 

Why do you think your signature dishes are so popular?
We cook with so much passion, with such joy to serve our customers. 70% of our customers at Sir Elly’s are local people. So when we prepare the dishes, we have the local culture and elements in mind, making sure every dish taste like Shanghai.

How do you use regional ingredients in your European dishes?
Well, we find the closest possible produce of the highest quality, and prepare it with local seasonings, creating a menu of new flavours. The result is a great meal with surprises.

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