Get ready for summer at SHA Wellness Clinic

by 30 May 2013

The time is now! As you make your vacation plans, you could think about getting ready for the summer in great shape thanks to SHA Wellness Clinic. Vacations can be a period of excess, and it could be an idea to prepare yourself for them.

SHA Wellness Clinic is a wellness temple in Alicante which is offering a new treatment, Hydro Energetic Cure, which, alongside detox and dieting programmes, restores your energy and vitality. If losing weight is your main concern you can opt for the Physia treatment designed to eliminate excess liquids, or the Detox Massage to purify your body.

If you're still undecided, remember that according to Ricardo Inocentes, Therapy Coordinator at SHA, "detoxication, like losing weight before summer holidays, is a must! SHA Wellness Clinic has tailored programmes and treatments to help you achieve your goals in perfect time."

SHA Wellness Clinic