Metal at its best



06 March 2013

You are promised an amazing time in Hotel Lutetia’s tallest room, the elegant and ‘metallic’ Eiffel Suite, recently customized by French sculptor-designer Guillaume Piéchaud. Overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the whole of Paris, the fantastic Suite has become more a tourist attraction over the last few weeks, mostly for its beautiful metallic decorations including a cobra coffee table, a shark stool and chair, and a spider desk, all crafted by Piéchaud himself.

 In the past few years, Piéchaud has not only made a business for himself, but also a respected reputation with his amazing creations. For eight years, he designed jewellery collections for the very best in the business, and as of six years ago, he discovered a love for creating metallic structures such as arabesques, fish, and mermaids. Dreamlike in nature, his sculptures are definitely one-of-a-kind and deserve to be admired by all.

“All my shapes become stands, chests of drawers, stools, desks. My universe lies in this idea of curves, ribbons, and ellipses. I don’t work the metal by breaking it, but by evolving with it. I love to bend it, and bend it back again, solid shapes and fluid lines. I love fluid shapes that deflect or absorb light. In my work, there is this symbol of the Möbius ring, this gravity-defying notion of shape that becomes one with the creator,” explains Guillaume Piéchaud.

His metallic figures were also displayed throughout the hotel as part of an exhibition that ended on 28 February 2013.

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