Belle Epoque at Il Salviatino, Florence


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15 December 2011

Guests staying at Il Salviatino from 8 December to 8 January 2012 will have the opportunity of enjoying the return of the Belle Epoque, with performances evoking those glittering years. Women in long, sleek and minimal gowns, the sound of swing and its dance style, legs once again seeing the light after the rigours of Victorian austerity, silver cigarette cases, and refined lighting. The setting at Il Salviatino provides the ideal stage for this touch of theatre that rekindles this "bright red" world. Two theatre companies will enact this re-evocation to the delight of guests. Doors, windows and staircases become frames for scenes. The sound-track is based on jazz, with contributions from sound designers who will combine period music with contemporary taste. Performances will also reach the Italian-style gardens, with all their aristocratic fascination.
For further information and bookings, phone +39 055 9041 111, or see the LUXOS web pages for the hotel. Click here for contact details.