Karl Lagerfeld exhibition in Rome, special package at the Rome Cavalieri


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11 March 2011

From 16th February to 10th April 2011, there is a photographic exhibition by Karl Lagerfeld from the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, held at Chiostro del Bramante in Rome. This is the first exhibition which turns the spotlight on Lagerfeld as a photographer and artist. The exhibition brings together a large number of photos taken by Karl Lagerfeld since 1987, when he began taking pictures for a range of advertising images and producing numerous photo shoots for some of the largest international fashion magazines. The exhibition offers an ideal opportunity for a stay in the Eternal City.

For the occasion, the Rome Cavalieri hotel is offering a special package. The hotel itself is famous for its collection of art, ranging from Tiepolo to Warhol, with pieces that include Alfredo Chighine and Mario Schifano. In addition, in the super-luxury Planetarium and Penthouse Suites, there is a series of settees created by Karl Lagerfeld for his Paris home, and purchased at a Sotheby's auction in Monte Carlo. The suites have four works by Andy Warhol and four by Robert indiana.

Guests booking the Penthouse or Planetarium suite, or one of the two supersuites named Napoleon or Petronius, receive some special benefits. These include private transfer from the Hotel to Chiostro del Bramante, a privileged entrance to the show, and, once bnack at the hotel, two cocktails from the Rome Cavalieri Art Cocktail menu, perhaps while sitting on one of the sofas that Karl designed for his Paris home.

For more information view the Luxos web pages for the Rome Cavalieri hotel or go to www.romecavalieri.com