What's New on Luxos...

It’s all eyes on Brazil, the trend-setting hub for the global market. From the suburbs of São Paulo to the colourful streets of Rio, Brazil has become a nucleus for brands looking to get a piece of the action.
And LUXOS is set to launch its new edition of Luxos Brazil with a fall/winter 2013-14 issue, guiding you to discover the most alluring and exclusive ways of enjoying this intoxicating country.
The 2013-14 Luxos Brazil will follow with four exciting issues in 2014.
When you are in Brazil, pick up your copy of LUXOS Brazil from one of our partner hotels.
LUXOS Brazil will be published with texts in Portuguese & English, bringing you quality local information, thanks to a team of Brazilian journalists, who will provide you with accurate updates on the very best of what the country has to offer in terms of luxury.
And perhaps no other destination in Brazil is more legendary than Rio de Janeiro, known for its samba, Carnival and dazzling beaches, boasting historic architecture, incredible natural scenery and iconic sights.