LUXOS luxury travel guides, the authoritative voice on luxury travel

Luxos is a publishing company based in Milan, Italy, that has been reporting on the global luxury and travel industries for over two decades. Its magazines are unique media in that they provide a combination of two formats, a lifestyle magazine, and a city guide providing comprehensive information on the locations in which they are distributed. LUXOS was therefore truly "glocal" long before the concept became fashionable. LUXOS magazines are local guides to global luxury travel. The LUXOS mission is to enable travellers to savour the finest, most interesting and satisfying experiences in some of the top destinations in the world.

Part of LUXOS' enviable reputation is due to its method of distribution. The magazines are in fact distributed in luxury hotel rooms and suites, in exactly the places where readers are looking for up-to-date information on global brands. Over 90% of circulation is distributed in rooms and suites, and 33% of hotel guests in partner hotels pick up LUXOS. This generates contacts reaching three million high-net-worth readers per year. This is now accompanied by this website,, online since November 2009 and still growing progressively, with 780,000 page views per year from 160 countries.

LUXOS magazine has a carefully-designed editorial format designed to provide fascinating insights into leading brands, and making them accessible to readers by providing appropriate information on flagship stores and boutiques. The editorial team works with the conviction that fashion, watch, jewellery and other luxury areas are true expressions of contemporary art and culture, combinations of tradition, quality craftsmanship, innovation and creativity. Products are described in lifestyle articles and featured in other pages such as Favourites, presenting the highlights of the season.

A section with city maps and local store addresses provides proactive information, while links to provide global versions and more extensive information. This carefully-planned print and web integration has made LUXOS a favourite with many luxury brands, who appreciate the protection of brand identity that LUXOS can offer, and who select the company for the organization of events, promoting the brand at an even deeper level of niche specialization.

The combination of local and global information is achieved by means of a centralized editorial team that works with local offices in each of the countries in which the magazine is published. This means that the information that it publishes is original, meticulously researched, and checked on a local basis. It is this attention to detail at a local level, integrated with the global insight of a consolidated editorial team that has been working in the luxury sector for years, that makes the magazine and its website extraordinarily effective advertising media.

LUXOS is published in a handy A5 format that enables luxury visitors to take it with them during their time in a destination city, using the information in the various sections of the magazine to guide them day-by-day. Research shows that high-net-worth visitors stay in a city on average for just 2.4 days, and therefore the information in the magazine is tailored to ensure that only the most experientially satisfying venues are featured.

It is printed on quality high gloss paper, producing a rich, full colour setting with prestige art direction, the ideal habitat for prestige advertisers. Luxos provides a unique overview of global luxury, but its content is tailored to the local destination, with bilingual texts (English plus the local language), and reviews of restaurants, spas and nightlife opportunities in the respective location. Other editorial material offers fascinating insights into the country and what it has to offer. One of the reasons for Luxos’ popularity and appeal is the fact that it produces its own fashion photo shoots, staged in unique locations and using products that are coherent with the season.

LUXOS is published in Italy, London, Paris, Spain, Hong Kong and China, Istanbul, United Arab Emirates, and Germany. LUXOS readers are well-educated and discerning consumers with intense interest in the luxury sector, and with the high spending power that hallmarks high net worth individuals.

They are typically upper management level personalities and high-standing professional consultants, who travel frequently, and who speak English either as native or second language.

They are sensitive to design quality, and search for luxury products not so much for their prestige value as for their ability to enhance overall lifestyle and day-to-day experience.

Research and feedback has shown that LUXOS readers are willing to search out information and physical locations at which to find a product in which they are interested.

According to statistics, 90% of high net worth individuals use Internet resources to find information on luxury products. In particular, readers use for pre-travel, planning their visit, selecting and booking hotels, and identifying brands present in the location. At their destination, the room copy of Luxos becomes their local guide to luxury resources.

The Chinese editions of LUXOS are published in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Macau. In addition, editions of the London, Paris, Italy and U.A.E. issues of LUXOS magazine are published with texts in English and Chinese, specifically tailored for visitors from Asia. The company works in close cooperation with its partner hotels, as well as with tour operators specializing in luxury tours for Chinese visitors.

This website,, is progressively moving up the global website rankings as can be seen by searching for the domain on The company is constantly striving to further improve its print and on-line presence, and future projects include an iPhone application and tablet-friendly versions of the website. The future of luxury will be an exciting ride - why not come aboard?