The High End Shopper - browsing the streets of London

One of the functions that I like best in the LUXOS iPhone and iPad 'The High End Shopper' app – currently available for London –  is 'Shopping Streets.' I just tap 'Shopping Streets' on the home page, and then choose the street that I want to explore. I pick 'Covent Garden,' and I can immediately see a list of all the stores that are there. There are a few that I definitely want to visit, and so then I can tap 'Show in Map,' and they are all displayed in the form of pins. Tapping on each pin tells me which store it is. That way I can ensure that they're all close by, and I can set out knowing that I'm going to be able to maximise my time shopping, and minimize the time spent walking from one to the next. And by expanding the map, I can even find a pub in which to enjoy a restorative beverage half way through!

In the image below, the home page:

Tap on 'Shopping Streets' and you reach the screen below:

Select a street, and you are presented with a list of stores on that street:

Show the boutiques on a map by tapping 'Show in Map:'

Identify each store by tapping a pin:

Enlarge map to find other locations of interest (for example, a pub):

Enjoy London and its shopping!

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