The LUXOS London shopping app helps you choose

Time is of the essence today, and so when shopping, anything that can provide more time in the store and less time in the process of getting there is very useful. For example: you've been asked to find a particular handbag by Louis Vuitton before you leave the West End in London and head out for the airport. Just take out your iPhone or iPad, open The High End Shopper, and search the addresses by tag, tapping on 'Bags.' There are about 75 boutiques specializing in bags, so you just have to scroll down, and – perfect! – there are several Louis Vuitton boutiques. Tap on the first, then on the 'Map' button, and a red pin shows you the exact location.

Two other buttons provide the information you need: 'Store Details' shows the opening times, and 'Get Directions' shows you the location of the store with respect to your position. New Bond Street is just a short walk away, and so you'll get there with all the time you need. Leave the app open and it will navigate you to the store.

Once you're there, you have another problem. You've found the model of bag that you want, but the Artsy MM comes in five colours. Heck, you don't want to get it wrong at close on $3,000, so out comes the iPhone again, and The High End Shopper conveniently provides a Camera button. Just take the photos, and send them to her by email so she can take her pick.
With The High End Shopper, this sort of task becomes 'job done' more quickly, and more easily!

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