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New York City’s Favourite Escape Rooms Featured

Solve the puzzle or else at one of these escape rooms in New York.

by Ann Bargstedt

New York City may be cutthroat, but not enough if we compare it to these escape rooms. First,  choose your team members wisely because you will have to solve a series of puzzles to save yourself. Second, act fast. In an escape room, there is only so much time before your fate is sealed and you will be condemned with a hypothetical life in prison, a bombing, or even an alien attack (or maybe not so hypothetical?)


Successfully completing an escape room requires teamwork, intellect, and speed; it is a true test of your wits and skill. Rise to the challenge at any of New York City’s favourites.

Beat the Bomb

Featured on the Today Show, Brooklyn’s Beat the Bomb leads you through the multiple levels of its escape room: Hack Attack, Lazer Maze, Echo Chamber, Floor Grid, and Bomb Room. Each level offers a new game and a new set of rules, the most difficult of which is the last one, the Bomb Room. Here you must disable to bomb, otherwise you will find yourself covered in paint. Not to worry, Beat the Bomb provides hazmat suits, so even if you fall victim to an explosion, you will not be leaving as a human rainbow.

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BrainXcape Escape Room Manhattan

In Chelsea, you can choose between Prison Break or Haunted Hotel at BrainXcape. Waking with a start in either of these scenarios, as their storylines dictate, pulls you violently into the terror of the scene. These escape rooms bring you right into the middle of a horror movie. There is an unshakeable feeling of creepiness that will overcome you. Will you be a survivor or a victim of whatever is lurking just around the corner? You must conquer your fear in order to focus on the tasks at hand. This frightening experience is a favourite of New Yorkers and visitors alike.


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Escape Entertainment New York City

CBS and The New York Times agree that Escape Entertainment New York City, located in Koreatown, provides premier escape rooms. With three different escape rooms, you can choose what setting to place yourself in: Alien Attack, Manhattan Mayhem, Prohibition Pandemonium. Each of these utilizes technology in order to fully immerse you in the nuances of your chosen escape room; you really feel like you are fending off aliens, saving New York City, and evading arrest. These escape rooms are designed to completely transform your sense of reality for the duration of the game.  


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