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12 Best Photo Ops in New York Featured

Capture the picture perfect moments in the Big Apple.

by Naomi Vakharia

Need to capture those picture perfect moments during your next visit to the Big Apple? Well look no further. New York is one of the largest cities in the world and its raw energy is captivating. It can be easy to get swept up in the moment without remembering to photograph the adventures you experience. The next time you spend time in the big city, make sure you check out these spots- perfect for capturing the postcard version of the city that never sleeps.

Rockefeller Centre’s Rooftop Garden - The Big Hit

Amongst the intimidating skyscrapers lies a peaceful garden atop the Rockefeller Centre. Accessible through the tours of this building, this rooftop location is perfect for capturing perspective shots of the impressive buildings around it. The New York skyline is an iconic aspect of the city and what better way to photograph it than from an equally iconic building?


Chelsea Market - A Foodie’s Landmark

An urban staple, Chelsea Market is the ideal location to catch that raw city energy in a cool setting. With bustling New Yorkers flitting around this underground shopping and food centre, Chelsea Market is the place to get eccentric pictures. The exposed brick and beams contribute to that urban vibe and allows photographers to memorialize the juxtaposition of an urban and contemporary space in New York.

chelsea market

Bethesda Terrace Bridge - Like in the Movies

Central Park is full of beautiful spaces to take photos, but one of the most beautiful niches in this massive park is the Bethesda Terrace Bridge. Countless movies, TV shows, and commercials are shot here for the same purpose: its sheer beauty. In the middle of the park lies a terrace bridge under which lies an underpass complete with high arches that lead into a small quad and gorgeous fountain. The artistic aspects of the underpass, like the mosaics and architectural detailing, are easy to miss but are tiny treasures when you stop to notice them.


Pebble Beach - A Romantic Spot

A small beachfront nestled between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, Pebble Beach offers any photographer a range of perspectives of the bridges from its position. Settled in front of the East River, this location is perfect for capturing that awe-inspiring Manhattan skyline- especially as it glows in the evening light. This location is known for its backdrop for marriage proposals, which offer a new subject for pictures.

pebble beach

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The Loeb Boathouse - A Lakeside Dream

Located in the vast Central Park, the Loeb Boathouse sits lakeside with an amazing terrace and view of the contrast between the urban jungle and natural environment in this corner of the city. Not only is this a location to take excellent pictures, but it is a great place to grab a drink on the terrace and watch people take row boats out on the water during the spring and summer.


The High Line- An Urban Park

An urban public park, the High Line is another photographer’s dream. Built on a freight rail line, this elevated park is perfect for capturing Manhattan’s skyline during the golden hour of sunset. This location is a little paradise amongst skyscrapers and continues the theme of niches of nature within this concrete maze. It is beautiful and offers great perspective shots to all.

high line

City Hall Station- An Abandoned Treasure

Located beneath City Hall, this inactive subway station has become a hub for local photographers. With tiled arches and brass detailing this station looks ethereal when the light falls through the large skylights. There is an eeriness that comes with an abandoned station, but this underground gem has become a showpiece for locals and tourists alike.

city hall station

South Street Seaport- Rich with History

Adjacent to the Financial District, South Street Seaport is located where the Fulton and East Rivers meet and is home to some of the oldest buildings in the city. The 19th century commercial buildings were renovated and now are home to different shops and restaurants, with a great location by the water. This historic section of New York is great to catch during the summer as sailboats are on the water and the streets are bustling with locals.

seaport district

The Brooklyn Promenade- A Local Path

This walkway is another observation point of the Manhattan skyline and New York harbor. Spanning almost 2,000 feet in length, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade allows photographers to not only shoot landscape shots, but shoot the daily lives of New Yorkers. This raised path is a great destination for locals to enjoy a moment to themselves, like an afternoon stroll, and is a source of inspiration for portraits.

brooklyn heights promenade

The Oculus- An Architect’s Dream

Located in lower Manhattan, the Oculus is an architectural marvel. Known as the World Trade Center Station, this building is an optical phenomenon. Its white, spine-like structure not only allows for the station to be filled with natural light, but creates a beautiful glow in the evening. For any architecture-loving photographers, the Oculus is definitely worth the visit.


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Greene Street- Cobblestone Elegance

SoHo is a chic district perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures. From the cobblestone streets to the cast-iron buildings, Greene Street is one of the most photogenic areas of New York. The filming location for many romantic films, this street is great for architecture and portrait shots. Greene Street is also home to shopping hubs and art galleries, so it has a wide range of subject matter for any photographer.


Doyers Street- A Bend in the Road

In the heart of Chinatown, Doyers Street is internationally recognisable due to its features in a variety of movies. This colourfully designed road is known for its sharp bend, which is close to a 90 degree angle. Doyers Street allows photographers to shoot the optical illusion associated with this bend. When looking at the street from the top of the block, the road looks significantly longer while in reality it is only around 60 metres long.


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