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21 Club

Experience fine dining in this historic Prohibition-era speakeasy.

by Catherine Hamilton

Originally opened in 1922 by cousins Charlie Berns and Jack Kreindler, this speakeasy evaded arrests and shutdowns by tipping the contents of the bar shelves into chute leading down into the sewers. The bar also includes a secret wine cellar, previously accessible through a hidden door in a brick wall opening leading to the basement of the house next door. The cellar still holds wine from the collections of many celebrities including JFK, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. Now, large parties of up to 20 can reserve a section of the cellar to dine in but make sure to call way in advance to order and prepay for your evening. Read more about their extensive and rich history on their website.

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21 Club

21 Club

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